People who are 18 and older with an underlying health condition. Continue to stay up to date by visiting

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Gunn CO Vax Options October

Covid booster eligibility colorado. Experts say you should go now if you’re in a ‘should get a booster’ category. People aged 50 and over. Colorado actor recalls working on set.

18+ and at least 2 months past their initial j&j dose. Here's a link to find out. 18 or older with a qualifying underlying health condition (like cancer, diabetes, lung disease, and more)

Many colorado pharmacies slammed with demand as covid booster eligibility widens. Boosters are recommended 6 months after the initial doses for those 65 years or older, or anyone at higher risk for serious complications if they contract covid. 18+ and at least 6 months past their pfizer or moderna series.

Continue to stay up to date by visiting People who live and work in care homes. The cdc recommends that people who are over 65, or are over 50 and have a chronic health condition, should get a third shot.

Age 18+ who have underlying medical conditions; If you received your second pfizer shot more than six months ago, you are eligible for a booster shot if you are: Summit county public health department provides more information.

The text messages will go to over 1 million coloradans. Frontline health and social care workers. The colorado department of public health and environment will be sending text reminders to all eligible coloradans for booster shots over the next two weeks.

You'll only be able to book an appointment for a booster dose if it's been at least 6 months (182 days) since your 2nd dose of the vaccine. No insurance, identification, proof of residency, or proof of medical history is required. People who are 65 years old or older.

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Gunn CO Vax Options October


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