Do I Need The Vaccine If I Had Covid Reddit

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“getting vaccinated is wholly different than having been infected before,” said dr. Whether or not you’re required to [get it], is it beneficial for someone who had covid to get the vaccine?

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While it may be tempting to consider yourself protected from the virus because you believe your body has built up.

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Do i need the vaccine if i had covid reddit. The answer, according to experts at the university of alabama at birmingham, is yes. After getting covid, people do get an immune response, but this varies from person to person and it depends on whether you had a mild infection or whether you had. It is one of the most ambitious vaccination programs ever.

A flu shot provides a specific ‘key’ that unlocks a strengthened immune response to protect against influenza. Another reason to be vaccinated with at least one mrna vaccine if you have already had covid is if you are in a group at higher risk of catching it or having complications, namely the obese. Yes, i do think it’s beneficial to get the vaccine after natural.

You should get a booster 8 months (not 8 weeks) after your second shot if you received either the moderna or pfizer vaccines. So even if you’ve had covid and have evidence of antibodies in your blood, you still should get vaccinated to optimize your protection against future infections, including emerging variants. That’s likely because their previous infection by the virus caused an immune response.

Millions of americans who have received pfizer inc.

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